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BA Sales Management

BA Sales Management (Top-up)

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Thomas J Watson, CEO of IBM and Peter Drucker, management consultant coined the axiom ‘nothing happens until someone sells something’, and Tom Hunter, foremost Scottish business person’s foreword in the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Scotland 2005 stated “if an entrepreneur/ business) cannot sell, he/she (the firm) cannot succeed, period” (Levie 2006).

These statements sum up both the importance of sales to business, and necessity that businesses are equipped with requisite human resources in selling skills and competencies. Effective sales leadership, strategic sales focus, personal and team selling skills and understanding sales-buying process alignment are fundamental in helping ensure that businesses survive, thrive and succeed in the turbulent, competitive global business environments.

Sales is of strategic importance to all businesses, since sales is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the majority of a business’s turnover, whether the business is a start-up, scale-up or established firm. Sales roles can develop to the most senior positions in organisations. There are significantly more sales job opportunities nationally and internationally for graduates than any other business function. SMEs need salespeople at different stages in their growth, and established national and global businesses need to fill the sales talent pipeline with new sales recruits continuously.

There is a talent shortage of salespeople across the globe. The majority of school leavers and Business School students leave school and University without any relevant sales education which creates a disconnection between the business community/ employment demand and sales education/ supply of sales resource. The top five key reasons for difficulty filling sales jobs were identified as (1) Lack of available applicants/ no applicants (2) Lack of technical competencies (hard skills), (3) Lack of experience, (4) Lack of workplace competencies (soft skills) and (5) Looking for more pay than is offered. Research has identified that there will be strong job growth for sales positions up to 2020 in diverse areas such as insurance, business to business, and technical sales.

Statistics from USA confirms that 90% of UG students leaving University with sales ‘minor’/ ‘major’ degrees get jobs on graduation whereas 55% of students with business degrees and /or in other business disciplines get jobs. So, any salesperson getting access to sales learning at degree level will have an excellent opportunity of improving both their career progression and earnings potential – they will become even more desirable to employers be they large corporations or smaller businesses scaling up to become bigger quicker.

Edinburgh Napier University Business School has recognised this disconnect between employability supply and industry demand. It is in the forefront of an initiative to deliver sales learning to its student body and to engage with the business community and sales recruitment firms.

This 3rd year top up UG sales programme has been developed to help those looking to increase their sales knowledge and skills base, and to build upon their personal sales profile making them attractive to businesses large and small, across industry sectors.

The flexibility of the programme allows participants to progress at their own speed to fit in with their challenging day jobs.

The programme delivers FOUR core modules: Relationship Selling and the Customer, Sales Management Today, Digital Selling & CRM Applications, Key Account Management and a Work-based sales Project module that will draw from all FOUR core modules but have as its focus the managing of the sales and marketing interface – a challenge faced in businesses large and small whatever the industry sector.

The award on completion of all FOUR core modules and the Work-Based Sales Project module is a BA in Sales Management degree.

BA Sales Management (Online)

Trimester 1
(15 Weeks)
Relationship Selling and the Customer
(20 Credits)
Sales Management Today
(20 Credits)
Trimester 2
(15 Weeks)
Contemporary Selling Process
(20 Credits)
Key Account Management
(20 Credits)
Trimester 3
(15 Weeks)
Work-based Sales Project
(40 Credits)

Earn a world class BA (Top-up) for under $5,000.

BA Sales Management (Top-up)



    This module introduces the key models and concepts of relationship selling approaches, the pros and the cons of each and appropriate usage of these in different contexts. It describes, discusses and analyses customer profitability, customer selection and segmentation, what exactly customer value is, relationship quality, customer retention, trust and loyalty and the strategic implications of customer relationship management. It explores customer relationships in detail and how to manage the lifetime management of customers. It focuses upon service-dominant logic and its impact on the selling organisation.


    This module introduces the key models and concepts of the managing of the sales function in today’s business environment, the challenges faced by managers/ leaders of sales teams. It describes, discusses and evaluates sales leaders as agents and catalysts for change, strategies for growth, structuring for success, managing the knowledge-based sales organisation, the challenges faced when motivating diverse sales teams, training and ethics, goals and rewards in enabling sustained sales performance.


    This module introduces the key models and concepts of the contemporary selling process. It describes, discusses and analyses the role of selling today, how businesses find customers, and how salespeople and selling organisations prepare for sales meetings.

    It describes, discusses and analyses how to deliver and communicate an effective sales message and covers in some depth the buyer-seller meeting itself. It describes, discusses and analyses the notion of a win-win outcome to a buyer-seller engagement and how to close a meeting professionally and/ or advance a sale. It also describes, discusses and analyses the follow up required by effective sales people after a buyer-seller meeting, what should be done and why it is important. Additionally you will understand and be able to put into practice key selling skills including effective questioning and active listening.


    This module introduces the key models and concepts of key Account management, the challenges and the benefits of this approach. It describes, discusses and evaluates strategic Key Account Management (KAM), the challenges of international selling, the managing of the customer interface internationally, global sales strategies and global account management (GAM) and the inter-cultural understanding as a source of competitiveness and differentiation.


    This module will allow you to apply theory and knowledge drawn from the FOUR core modules to your own work environment – your sales role and the sales operation in your business. The focus of the sales Report will be the managing of the sales and marketing interface – a challenge faced in businesses large and small whatever the industry sector. You will be required to specifically address the structure, communications, roles and responsibilities of how these two crucial functions interact and work together (or not) to the benefit of your organisation.


The programme is studied fully online for a minimum of one year. You will study a maximum of two modules at a time over each trimester and a Project in the final trimester. The maximum duration of the programme is 3 years which allows you to study at your own pace.


All assessments are conducted online and normally comprise multiple choice questions plus a report, essay or similar. Examinations are not used for assessment.


Admission will be open to those who have successfully completed an Associate Degree or equivalent in a relevant area. If you do not hold the above qualification or award but have relevant work experience you may be able to enter this programme taking into consideration your previous study and experience.

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