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Pg Cert Learning, Teaching and Assessment Practice in HE (International)

Pg Cert Learning, Teaching and Assessment Practice in HE (International)


The PgC LTAP in HE (International) programme provides the opportunity for you to develop your knowledge base and its application as it concerns (i) learning and teaching; (ii) assessment and feedback and (iii) scholarship and practice enhancement. The programme values your capacity for critical reflection and evaluation, enables you to tailor the learning opportunities to meet your needs and maximises opportunities for active, collaborative learning. Successful completion of the programme will result in the award of the PgC LTAP in HE (International).

The programme is a part time 60-credit provision at Masters level and comprises three modules of study, each 20 credits. It is an online provision which uses the medium of a virtual learning environment to enable you to develop your pedagogic knowledge and practice. Activities organised for you in the online space are focused around themes deriving from each of the module’s learning outcomes. Activities will be individually-focused and group-based. Designated module leaders are responsible for each of the three modules. A personal development tutor (PDT) will also be allocated to you. In addition, you are strongly advised to identify a mentor in your own work setting. In asking you to seek out a mentor we are aware that the term is open to a variety of definition and description. In this particular instance, the role of the individual you select will be to help you to make sense of broad pedagogic theories, perspectives and ideas so that you might critique and apply them, as appropriate, in your own disciplinary context. Throughout the programme the emphasis will be on enhancing your current practice in the interests of students and their learning. Your mentor will play their part in helping you to do this in their role as a guide and critical friend.

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Pg Cert Learning

Programme Delivery

The PgC LTAP in HE is a work-based programme within which, you, the learner drive the learning experience. There are three compulsory modules in your programme of study. The first two modules focus on learning and teaching, and on assessment and feedback. The third module (which must be studied last) is on scholarship and practice enhancement. The programme is structured in the opportunities it offers, but you will be able to tailor your learning and development to meet your particular needs in the context of your role and its responsibilities. You are supported in this endeavour by a number of mechanisms, organised within a vibrant virtual learning environment (VLE). In the VLE, we will seek to engage you as an individual, you as a member of a small groups and the cohort as a whole in a cross-disciplinary active learning experience designed to enrich your knowledge/ understanding. In the main, learning in the online space will be asynchronous enabling maximum flexibility and ease of access, but there will also be ‘real-time’ learning opportunities. You need to plan to engage fully in your programme of study.

You will be allocated to a small group within the wider cohort for the duration of the programme. It is within this group that you will be enabled to interact to explore pedagogic theory, perspectives, and ideas and their connections with practice. Your work within the group will be structured by the module lead, but taken forward by you and the other members of your group. Early in each module there will be some oversight of the small groups by the module leader (or another member of the programme team), however the groups are designed to be self-sustaining. We appreciate that this expectation places an onus of responsibility on you, and your allocated group, but it is one we are confident you will embrace, extracting maximum value from it an active, engaged learner. It is important to note that there will be timetabled opportunities for your small group to interact with the other groups and the module leader in facilitated discussion and reflection sessions. These will be synchronous, that is, in real time. You will need to plan to come into these scheduled learning opportunities.

In addition to the group to which you will be allocated, you will be encouraged to form your own independent groups. These groups might form connections across the cohort around, for example disciplines, areas of interest or geographical location.

Seminars will be timetabled in ‘real’ time (that is synchronous). They will be arranged in advance so that you can plan to attend and engage fully in the learning opportunity. Online workshops/ seminars will be recorded, so you can replay them at your convenience to support your learning.

The programme Virtual Learning Environment will create a cohort space and access to a wider community creating a sense of belonging, where discussion and debate are invited and valued. It will also host the Programme Handbook, other associated materials and provide the location for cross-programme webinars. It will also offer a virtual coffee shop for students, enabling you to come together informally to talk and share.

Trimester 1 (15 weeks) Trimester 2 (15 weeks) Trimester 3 (15 weeks)

Assessment and

20 Credits

Introduction to Learning
and Teaching in HE

20 Credits

Scholarship and Practice

20 Credits


  • Assessment and Feedback (International)

    The nature and multiple purposes of assessment in higher education: assessment of, for and as learning. The importance of viewing assessment from the learner perspective. How might assessment make a contribution to learning? Improving student learning via assessment and feedback. Strategies for making assessment and feedback ‘fit-for-purpose.’ New directions in assessment and feedback- principles and practices.

  • Introduction to Learning and Teaching in HE (International)

  • Scholarship and Practice Enhancement (International)


  • Assessments are completed and submitted through the secure learning environment. The schedule for assessments is published in advance. There are no formal exams – assessment is by end of unit quizzes and end of module assignments.
  • The programme has three modules. The third module must be studied last, Scholarship and Practice Enhancement. Normally there will be three intakes per year. You may undertake one module per trimester which may allow you to graduate after one year’s study.
Admissions Criteria
  • An Honours degree (or equivalent) and must be working in a substantive learning, teaching and assessment role within a higher education institution (or at higher education level). This requirement is specified in order to ensure that you will have sufficient experience of leading and supporting learning, teaching and assessment activities to enable you to undertake the PgC LTAP in HE (International) programme’s assessment requirements. Two academic references will be required.
  • Recognition of prior learning. Your application will be considered on an individual basis. If you have previously studied aspects of the PgC LTAP in HE (International) it may be possible to have your prior learning recognised. If you think this possibility may apply to you, you are advised to speak with the Programme Leader.

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