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Edinburgh Napier University

The Edinburgh Napier University BA Business Management (Top-up) programme provides you with a broad foundation in business and helps you develop a range of skills across a number of business disciplines, to complement your previous studies, and to help prepare you for the dynamic global business environment. The programme is aimed at holders of Associate degrees or equivalent in a business related discipline. Holders of Associate degrees or equivalent in non-business disciplines would benefit instead from the BABE (Top-up). The six modules for each stream are:

BA Business Management (Online)

All modules are 20 credits and compulsory
Trimester 1 Operations Management
Organizational Change Management
Strategic Management in a Global Context
Trimester 2 Strategic Management in a Global Context
International Business
Direct & Digital Marketing
Corporate Risk Management
Human Resource Management
Trimester 3 International Marketing
Managerial Finance

Before you commence a module, we will provide you with a full guide to the University, your programme, and the support that is available to you. In addition to the module materials, you will receive support from online tutors as well as the online support teams, the programme leader, full access to our online library support, as well as being able to contact our dedicated administration team, should you have any queries.

The programme is studied fully online for a minimum of one year and is 100% supported by Edinburgh Napier University Academics. You will study a maximum of two modules at a time over each trimester, six modules in total. The maximum duration of the programme is 3 years which allows you to study at your own pace. The modules are taught fully online and will enable you to complete the programme in one year and to then graduate with your UK degree.


(One year minimum)

Trimester 1

(15 weeks)

Trimester 2

(15 weeks)

Trimester 3

(15 weeks)

All the module learning materials are engaging, interactive and self-directed, and can be accessed by PC or tablet, plus available in pdf format. A Study Guide to each module text is provided which will guide you through the module text. These materials are supplemented by additional videos, links, podcasts etc. as well as weekly online support with the module leader. You will also have self-directed activity plus directed online discussion in study groups, to encourage online interaction with other students.

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    This module focuses on understanding the nature of organisational change and analysing various frameworks for organisational change. Students will appraise the effect of culture on change processes and evaluate tools and techniques used in the management of change.

  • OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (General programme)

    The module will provide students with a broad understanding of operations management and its role in the wider business context. It also considers in detail many topical and important operations management issues such as business improvement and global supply chain management. The module applies these operations management issues to all sectors, private and public, service and manufacturing.


    Corporate strategies have to deal with an increasingly global competitive environment where successful firms are able to anticipate and respond to the environment by using their resources and capabilities to formulate and implement effective strategies. In this module students will gain an in-depth understanding of the concepts and analytical frameworks necessary for an organisation to conduct a strategic analysis, to assess its strategic choices and to implement its chosen strategy effectively.

  • INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (all programmes)

    The module will provide students with an understanding of the dynamics of the international business environment. There are two significant aspects to this module: the international business environment and the changes which have taken place in the post-war period; and the operation of business on an international basis, and the implications to the practicing manager in terms of strategy, structure and operational functions.

  • INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (all programmes)

    Students will learn about the theory relating to the Macro-Environment and explore the relationship between marketing in the home market and developing into international markets as a small, medium or large scale organisation. The social, cultural and trading environments are analysed and supported by international marketing research theory and concepts to help students to gain a greater understanding of the differences between home and international markets. Having established a fuller understanding of the differences, students will evaluate the decision to enter international markets, followed by the development of the international marketing mix, implementation, monitoring and control and the evolving impact of technology on business development and international marketing.

  • MANAGERIAL FINANCE (all programmes)

    This module will develop students’ abilities to analyse published financial information and also develop their ability to apply internal financial information to the management roles of decision-making, planning and control and performance evaluation.

  • DIRECT AND DIGITAL MARKETING (Marketing specialism)

    This module will develop students’ understanding of database marketing and a number of electronic media: email, web-sites and the internet, mobile marketing and other electronic media. Direct Marketing (DM) covers DM media such as direct mail and telemarketing; also the use in DM of traditional media such as direct response advertising in newspapers and TV.

  • CORPORATE RISK MANAGEMENT (Finance specialism)

    All organisations are faced with a variety of risks on an on-going basis. Sometimes these risks will result in losses to the business while, at other times, they will present the business with the chance to generate substantial returns. If losses are to be avoided or, at least, minimised and returns achieved, these risks need to be managed effectively. In this module you will look at the nature of the risks with which organisations are faced and how these should be managed to the overall benefit of the business and its stakeholders.


    This module aims to introduce you to the theories, concepts and practices of human resource management. It focuses on the role of the line manager and HR specialist in employee resourcing and development and examines how these policy areas can contribute to organisational effectiveness and the productivity and well-being of the employee.


The programme is studied fully online for a minimum of one year. You will study a maximum of two modules at a time over each trimester, six modules in total. The maximum duration of the programme is 3 years which allows you to study at your own pace.


All assessments are conducted online and normally comprise multiple choice questions plus a report, essay or similar. Examinations are not used for assessment.


Admission will be open to those who have successfully completed an Associate Degree or equivalent in a relevant area.

 If you have any questions, please contact us on (1) 239 444 4399. We are here to help.

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