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Doctorate in Business Administration Degree

The Edinburgh Napier University Business School has achieved AACSB accreditation, which places us in the top 5% of Business Schools globally. 

Doctorate in Business Administration

Edinburgh Napier University

Overview of the Doctorate in Business Administration

What is a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)?

The Edinburgh Napier University Doctorate in Business Administration is offered in the region annually each October and a professional doctorate programme designed to develop applied research for managers in business, public services and non-profit organisations. The programme is aimed at senior managers and leaders currently employed in an organisation that is committed to the continuing development of its employees.

The learning outcomes of the DBA Programme are set out below. Delegates will be expected to demonstrate their ability to:

  • undertake research, critical investigation and evaluation of an approved topic in their professional area;
  • integrate rigorous academic/critical analysis with practical relevance and application;
  • make meaningful links from the research findings in the thesis/portfolio to the profession; and,
  • clearly communicate their work and disseminate ideas to fellow professionals in order to develop practice and enhance the professional generally.

How Does a DBA differ from a PhD?

The DBA blends theoretical learning with practical experience based on a business context to create a reflective practitioner. Rather than working towards a single output, the DBA is assessed by combining continuous evaluation with a major research project focusing on the participant’s workplace.

The DBA programme is equivalent to the PhD in terms of application, originality of work and contribution to business knowledge.

Benefit to Delegates and Employers

Successful completion of the DBA provides delegates with the opportunity to apply and develop the very latest business and management theories to their own working environment. Delegates will be able to undertake rigorous research in the field of business and management and develop their ability to appraise critically their own insight and impact as a manager. The programme will also give delegates the means to develop their understanding of academic and professional managerial issues.

Through sponsoring a DBA delegate the employer will have access to the latest business developments from both a theoretical and a practical prospective. The employer will be able to present scholarly research to both academic and non-academic audiences. The employer will also have the ability to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organisation with the backing of their professional employee and the support of Edinburgh Napier University Business School.

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