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BA Marketing Management

BA Marketing Management (Top-up)

Edinburgh Napier University

Course Introduction

This BA top-up course is the equivalent of the final year of a full-time Bachelors degree, delivered by us straight to your screen via our online learning environment.

It provides you with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of marketing and related business subjects, and to develop your practical, critical and analytical skills and attributes.

Delivered fully online you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in your career with minimum disruption to your work and personal life.

Building on your previous experience and skills, you’ll develop your knowledge and understanding of marketing theory and the ability to apply this to practical situations. You’ll also establish critical, analytical, creative and reflective approaches to marketing.

The online materials have been designed to support you to study at a place and pace which suits your needs. You may complete the course in 12 months minimum, subject to your pace of study and module availability. You’ll study six modules in total, with a maximum of two modules in each trimester. Further information can be found in the indicative module delivery schedule.

Engaging in the online learning materials and participating in the online discussions will enable you to exchange knowledge with fellow participants. While you’ll manage your own learning, you’ll be provided with guidance on how best to work with the online materials and the importance of reflection in order to meet the course objectives.

In addition to the module materials, you’ll receive full support from module leaders, the programme leader, full access to our online library support, as well as being able to contact our dedicated administration team, should you have any queries. For the award of the BA Marketing Management you must successfully pass all six modules, giving a total of 120 credits. All modules are 20 credits.

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BA Sales Management (Top-up)

BA Marketing Management (Online)

Trimester 1
(15 Weeks)
Strategic Management in a Global Context
(20 Credits)
Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise
(20 Credits)
Trimester 2
(15 Weeks)
Brand Management
(20 Credits)
Direct and Digital Marketing
(20 Credits)
Trimester 3
(15 Weeks)
International Marketing
(20 Credits)
Marketing Research and Communications
(20 Credits)



    This module will help you develop a critical understanding of the key theories and concepts effective marketing communications and research. First, you will be introduced to the major influences on consumer behaviour within different environments. The focus then shifts to the role and function of the marketing communication mix with strategic marketing management. Finally, you will explore the importance of marketing research and its application to marketing decision making in different contexts.


    You will be provided with concepts and analytical tools and techniques which will help you to understand the complexities of strategic decision-making at various levels within the organisation – business, corporate, and international levels. In addition to providing you with the concepts and frameworks to analyse and understand how organisations develop and implement their strategic choices, the module aims to apply your learning to real company situations through the use of case studies.


    A vital ingredient in creativity and innovation is its management. Whilst most modern businesses and even voluntary sector organisations often have the word, “innovation” or “creativity” and perhaps even “entrepreneurial” in their mission statement, how does it translate in practice to the day to day workings? Managing these two elements is a challenge and often “ad hoc” in these organisations. This module enables you to apply the techniques, tools and frameworks you will learn about to a live organisation, chosen by you.


    In this module you will explore: the origin of popular brands; strategic brand management process; establishing brand position and values; choosing brand elements to build brand equity; brand building implication; the role of advertising and the internet in brand development; the legal protection of brands; co-branding and brand conflict; developing brand equity measurement and management system; managing brands over geographic boundaries.


    This module will allow you to apply theory and knowledge drawn from the FOUR core modules to your own work environment – your sales role and the sales operation in your business. The focus of the sales Report will be the managing of the sales and marketing interface – a challenge faced in businesses large and small whatever the industry sector. You will be required to specifically address the structure, communications, roles and responsibilities of how these two crucial functions interact and work together (or not) to the benefit of your organisation.


    The aim of this module is to allow you to develop a clear understanding of how marketing strategies are applied within the international business environment. You will initially be introduced to the concepts of the international marketing process and the environment that firms operate within. Then the focus will be on how firms develop marketing strategies that are appropriate for the different markets they operate in. Finally you will examine the implementation of activities through the marketing mix that will provide sustainable competitive advantage.



The programme is studied fully online for a minimum of one year. You will study a maximum of two modules at a time over each trimester. The maximum duration of the programme is 3 years which allows you to study at your own pace.


All assessments are conducted online and normally comprise multiple choice questions plus a report, essay or similar. Examinations are not used for assessment.


To enter this course you must have:

• an Associate Degree in business/marketing related subject, (or equivalent)

• Mature applicants who do not meet the standard entry requirements will be considered on a case-by-case basis taking into account RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) as appropriate.

 If you have any questions, please contact us on (1) 239 444 4399. We are here to help.

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