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MSc Health and Social Care

MSc Health and Social Care


If you are working in or aspiring to management or leadership positions within statutory and independent health and social care organisations then this course is for you.

The course will develop your knowledge and understanding of leadership, governance, management, audit and evaluation of health and social care services. These transferrable skills will help you to lead change, evaluate service delivery, implement quality initiatives and enhance your communication with stakeholders on these issues.

This course provides a foundation for career progression within the health and social care sector, and as a graduate from this course you will be in a position to lead change and improvement within health and social care practice and service delivery within your working environment.

Further, the theoretical nature of the course means that it is particularly suitable for those who may wish to pursue an academic career in the future. The academic skills and knowledge acquired from the theoretical modules with a further emphasis on research, data analysis skills and undertaking a substantial study or critical literature review within the dissertation module provide the opportunity to develop a range of salient academic skills that will prepare you for Doctoral level study.

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MSc Health Social Care

Trimester 1
Trimester 2
Clinical Governance and Improvement Practice

20 Credits

Leadership Innovation
and Practice
(must be taken before Clinical Governance and Improvement Practice)
20 Credits
Population Health
20 Credits
Principles of Data Analysis and Management
(studied over two trimesters and can only be taken after completion of all 4 modules)
40 Credits
Trimester 3
Can only be taken after successful completion of all other modules
Research Approaches in Health and Social Care
20 Credits
MSc Dissertation

60 Credits


  • Population Health

    The module will provide the following:

    • Discussion of research methods used in epidemiology
    • Critical reflection on the philosophical basis for population health in the context of social care
    • Critical discussion of major theoretical ideas influential in contemporary population studies in light of recent evidence and their implications for health and social care
    • Consider strategies for improving population health and their implications for health and social care
    • Exploration of practical implications of population health for practitioners in today’s health and social care environment
  • Leadership innovation and practice

  • Research approaches in health and social care

  • Clinical Governance and improvement practice

  • Principles of data analysis and management

  • Dissertation

  • Assessments are completed and submitted through the secure learning environment. The schedule for assessments is published in advance. There are no formal exams – assessment is by end of unit quizzes and end of module assignments.
  • The MSc Health and Social Care comprises five “taught” modules and a Dissertation to a timescale that matches your requirements, but can be completed in 21-33 months (2-3 academic years).
Admissions Criteria
  • A Bachelor’s degree OR
  • Other qualifications or experience which demonstrates through our recognition of prior learning process that you have appropriate knowledge and skills OR
  • Successfully completed as a student of the University through our Affiliate Student scheme two taught modules equivalent to 40 credits.

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